Frequently Asked Skincare Questions

Find Answers to Help You Make the Most of Your Products from Madison’s Radiance Skin Therapy

 What products are safe to use during pregnancy?

  • HydraBoost
  • Papaya Enzyme Cleanser
  • Complete Complex
  • Complexion Brightening
  • Advanced Antioxidant Defense + Repair
  • Peptide Firming
  • Retore + Repair GF System
  • CE+GTP
  • C+E Brightening
  • Phyto+

What can best improve or prevent fine lines?

Retinol (Age Defying Retinol Serum) & SPF are the top recommendations.  CE+GTP, Peptide Firming, and Complete Complex are also great additions. 

What can I do to help with acne scarring?

Key products can help with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), but often treatments are recommended along with key at-home skincare for a more comprehensive improvement.

How do I layer skincare?

“Thinnest to thickest” is a general rule of thumb, but certain specialty products may have application needs, so it is always best to read the product details. In the morning, SPF is the last item you apply before makeup (if worn). At night, you’ll end with a moisturizer.

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